An Ode to THE MAC Ruby woo

Every Woman needs THE M.A.C Ruby Woo.

And I mean it, when I say ‘NEED’. Welcome to the world of YOU and Ruby Woo.

It is a classic shade that is universally flattering and works its magic on all women, surpassing the boundaries of colour. We owe MAC for this.


I might be one in a zillion to have written about this lipstick but it deserves its due accolades. All you lovelies who own it, will second me and for all others ….You would get wooed soon!!!!

I shall start by making a confession here. Red Lipstick had always being intimidating for me during my early makeup days. I was never a lipstick person.  A Gloss was what I would reach out for while doing my lips.

Clearly a year ago, I got introduced to MAC RUBY WOO. I owe that to my cousin sister though.  Since then there has been no looking back. Red lips havnt looked better. It puts your confidence on a pedestal.


This post as the title suggests, is clearly an ode to my very first lipstick which also happens to be the best I have discovered. I have bought several other lipstick shades from MAC, but the magic of ruby woo wooes me every single time.


It is part of the MAC retro matte collection. Its formulation being so, stays put on your lips for over 5 hours.
It has a blue undertone to it . It is a deep red shade. Personally, I do not line my lips when I have this shade on . However, that is an option to neutralize the blue tone.

You can apply the lipstick directly or use a brush, its staying power is great. Being retro matte, it is not easily transferable. It instantly brightens the face and guarantees instant love for the product.
I have heard many women complain of it drying out their lips, though I never really had an issue, you can always use a chapstick a few minutes before its application.

So girls, Put on Some MAC Ruby Woo and Love your life!!


Let me know in the comments your experience with RUBY WOO

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