New Look: Over-sized frames

Good Morning Everyone 🙂

Life is about embracing all flaws that come our way, and in STYLE !!!!


Disclaimer: This post might remind you of fables we read as children; a literary pun indeed

So, recently I developed CRI (computer related infections) and was advised by the doc to wear glasses to avoid worsening of the condition. Instant thought : New Look.

I have always been a sucker for over-sized frames and it was an obvious choice when I had to pick a frame for the power lens. I was so excited to sport the look and could not resist putting a post for all of you.

Moral of the post:  When life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade and sip it in STYLE!!!!

Have a great day all of you.

Until next time,

Stay Stylish, Stay YOU.



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  1. popiuliaanca says:

    You are very nice❤❤

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  2. You look super cute with these glasses! x

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    1. Thanks sweets. I am totally loving them 😋😋😋


  3. I do love oversized frames ❤️

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