Fit Comes First – An initiative with ThirdLove

Pic Credits- Third Love

A lot has been said and done about trending fashion staples, style tips , perfect accessories , shoes , bags and so much more. Little have we stressed or written about good lingerie. It’s shocking that many many women out there do not understand the gravity and a staple that good fitting lingerie is.

Without good foundation, there is no fashion- Christian Dior

Needless to say, but a well fitted lingerie is a prerequisite to making a good outfit. The presence of which just would just blend in with your look, however, the absence could just speak volumes about your character. Not meaning to be judgemental but a perception nevertheless.

Most women face issues to find the right fit and size when picking a bra of their choice. I wonder whether it is the stigma that is associate with measuring your busts or just plain ignorance, many are clueless about the fact that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’.

Fret not ladies. Third Love comes to your rescue. It’s indeed liberating to see how company is focused on a cause primarily suited for a woman’s comfort. And when comfort and customizaton is out on a pedestal, it indeed is a noble deed.

At Third Love, a lot of impetus is given to the fact that the fit is definitely the prerogative. To quote a couple of lines from their philosophy

Instead of using standard industry measurements and grading them up and down to create each bra size, we fit all of our sizes on real women. These fittings let us design each bra size to be a more precise fit, like shorter strap lengths on larger sizes for better lift, or a wider width between cups on smaller sizes. Sure, it’s more work. But we’re up to the task.

They have also designed an elaborate size guide to help you pick a bra that is made for your body type.

For all who are interested,  I have a special promo code for your purchase.



Wishing a great fit to all us women !!! It’s all about loving yourself 🙂

Until next time,

Stay Stylish, Stay you



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