Fashion is an Art

IMG_6834IMG_6332IMG_6347A lot of people think fashion is straight-up shallow. Never really is fashion considered as an art form; rarely is clothing a life or death matter; as a concept, fashion is literally superficial — it exists only on the surface. Many a times, a woman who focusses more on fashion is said to be spending way too much time on materialistic things.

Sure, there’s nothing very exciting about skinny jeans, t-shirts, and little black dresses, other than the fact that any ubiquitous article of clothing can be used as a lens through which to view the desires and insecurities of that generation. But after all its just a  piece of fabric.

The fount from which fashion flows is intricately linked to social and economic issues. There is a the moral significance of hemlines, the changing silhouette of the body, the price of cotton etc. Fashion is a product both of art world dialogue and artistic imagination at the highest level. There is a reason why Coco Chanel dresses are put on a pedestal; it liberated the female form once and for all.

Fashion is it is the most immediate, tangible art form Fashion in my world is a mode of expression, a state of my mind or rather a state of being. Fashion is aspirational, its wearable, its found on the fashion shows on the street. Fashion is omnipresent

So to dismiss fashion as shallow is arrogantly ignorant.

Unless next time,

Stay Stylish, Stay YOU




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  1. Nameeta Jain says:

    Wow beautiful girl with beautiful dress

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  2. Fashion By Deborah says:

    So cool! Check out my blog if you want 🙂

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  3. Ms Meehnia says:

    Absolutely stunning babe 🙂


  4. Bahut sahi bola aapne 👍👍
    Aapka dressing sense kamaal ka hai
    Ye dress bahut khubsurat hai )


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