SS18 Trend-The Pencil Skirt|10 looks on how to wear them

What was once upon a time rendered fit only as a board room staple has had a tremendous revival and has sashayed into the fashion arena in all its pompous grandeur. When I think about this structured garment I can associate its origin as a vintage with a reference of the same in many many classics. What instantly comes to my mind when I think about this 50’s trend is the image of Elisabeth Bennet dressed impeccably in a pencil skirt from the famous Jane Austin’s classic ‘Pride & Prejudice’.

But soon this style became rather obsolete and synonymous to only corporate fashion. It began to be considered too sober a sartorial choice for any other occasion than an office.

But since the Milan Fashion Week, this demure and sophisticated trend has risen like a phoenix from the likes of Gucci, Prada, Max Mara , Fendi incorporating this style in their collections. It’s clear the humble pencil skirt is due a rethink.

Pencil Skirts are indeed a timeless closet staple and its silhouette surpasses both time and trend. Never really in this trend going to bite the dust. The simple structure and conservative length makes it wearable for all age groups and every woman can incorporate this suiting their personal style.

In this post, I shall put down different looks I have created with the pencil skirt.

Look 1

This is actually putting two of the season’s best trends together. Paired this solid colored pencil skirt with a denim shirt and contrasting accessories.

Look 2

Keeping the denim shirt as a constant, paired it with a vertical black & white striped pencil skirt.

Look 3

Another look combining 2 of the season’s hottest trends. Bold Florals & the conservative pencil skirt. Need I say more

Look 4

Keeping it all black by wearing this lace top along with a 3 layered lace inset pencil skirt. To break the monotony, paired velvet marsala kitten heels.

Look 5

The very boring grey pencil skirt is given a twist by pairing it with a rather casual bell sleeve top.

Look 6

Another one incorporating two big trends. The checks and the classic pencil skirt.

Look 7

Just because it got a revival to the world outside office doesn’t mean we should stop rocking this trend for that important office meetings.

Look 8

Rendering the pencil skirt with a tinge of gingham and not to miss the generous dollop of poppy red.

Look 9

2018 is the year of the pastels. Wearing this minty blue lace skirt along with a classic black ruffled top.

Look 10

I think this post and the cookbook is a sufficient validation of this timeless classic and its versatility.

Until next time,

Stay Stylish, Stay You



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