What a Virus decided to teach me

A couple of months ago, me & my colleagues were sitting at our usual tea shop sipping our favorite adrak (ginger) chai (tea) and amidst a lot of gossip we got discussing how 2020 will be a year of changes (no pun intended). We had our reasons for believing so. We were waiting to embark on the better opportunities & new adventures that we assumed we had planned for ourselves. Not to forget, a lot of unnecessary cribbing about ‘frivolous’ things that now seem so petty. But as you say Life is what happens to you when you’re busy planning other things !! Only this time its a creepy little rascal in the form of a virus that has decided to take the human race for a ride  and dawn upon a realization in each one of us that we are little specs of dust and our bank balance’s are just mere numbers.

The virus has taught us that there is no difference between the rich & the poor, the influential & the common man. It can create havoc irrespective of the religion you’re born in or the colour of your skin. Suddenly it feels like I am living a fiction or a thriller movie because my practical mind cannot fathom the truth that it is witnessing and I am sub consciously waiting for the nightmare (only wish it was) to end. No problem seems bigger than the issue or the situation we are currently in while secretly I am also worrying about the related economical & political aspects lurking in the future. Thanks to an idle mind and quarantine time.

But yes, this has certainly been a time of reflection and some introspection. I am not sure if we can do much to mitigate the catastrophic effect of the virus but it is about time we switch off from our denial mode.

  1. Value the time we spend with our family and our friends. And strive to build human connections. Trust me, we need them.
  2. Money is very important but parking something important for the future in an attempt to save money is futile. So make that trip ( once we get through this situation ), meet your family, spend time with your close ones. Buy that expensive outfit, live that experience. Enjoy every moment and stage of your life.
  3. We as a race cannot escape from the wrath of Mother Nature. In an attempt to mint money we have successfully become a materialistic world and most definitely will not help us to survive this pandemic. It is about time that we fix our complacent civilization.
  4. Its about time that we put our egos in check because we only need a virus to bring the world to a standstill. Only a few weeks ago my city was battling communal tensions while now each one of them is only worried about food & being safe.
  5. Lastly, its a warning and an eye opener to put health on a pedestal. The regular visit to the best restaurants had become a part of the fancy lifestyle we were living. Your money may help you for a while but your health will help you win the battle. The virus has taught me that there is nothing more satiating than a good healthy home cooked meal. So invest time & focus on your health.

I wish and pray that what we learn as a generation during this phase, we practice it long enough to make it a habit or a culture. And yes, collectively, we all shall get through this.

Stay Safe everyone. #StayHome


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  1. This was such an interesting read. You are so right- this nightmare has been so educational.


    1. Absolutely!! If we sit back & reflect there are so many takeaways from this catastrophic situation. Take care babe

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